Enrico Longhin explains the context behind the lyrics of “Odin Vs Jesus”, which is maybe the most sarcastic and unconventional song from “Jupiter’s Immigrants”.

(…) I think it’s a good idea to explain some things behind some of the album lyrics, even after some time after the release.
This time I want to talk about Odin VS Jesus, which is maybe the most sarcastic and unconventional song inside “Jupiter’s immigrants”.

Usually, I never talk about religion directly in my lyrics, of course, the way it affects our lives are widely covered and explored in our music and metal in general; in this song, I wanted to do something different, with a more ironic and sarcastic approach, with absolutely no anger or blasphemous reference.

I am conscious of the downside that all of these can be considered blasphemy just because the name Jesus is clearly written as well as other references, but then if you read at the lyrics things are different than expected and it’s nothing more than a fictional dialogue between two divinities.

Since I was I child I never took religion so seriously, yet I always felt passionate about theology and try to figure out what humankind has always tried to accomplish with that, and like most of us, with no success in trying to understand that; I even don’t think it’s important if defining this atheism or something else, I just like science and have my values and codes, yet I respect everyone’s creed as long it’s based on mutual respect.


This frustration, my impossibility to understand how people think sometimes, and the inability to find a solution to this is a common drive to my creativity.

The sense of this song, in particular, is just a hint to not take all so seriously, and the climax is reached when we wanted to add a line with a Gregorian choir vibe, and ended up writing “Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet”* on the paper.

*(In publishing and graphic design, Lorem ipsum is a placeholder text commonly used to demonstrate the visual form of a document or a typeface without relying on meaningful content.)

Odin Vs Jesus – Lyrics

My final words were glorious
so I become A pilgrim

Bone to bone, Blood to Blood
What are you searching for?

“Lorem Ipsum Dolor Sit Amet!”

Infatuated with the corpse
My garments lay in shreds

Now is the time when the witnesses can no longer isolate themselves.

I will show you now
The way I turn the water into wine
The time has come
So you should stay don’t run away

I will told you how
to walk among the deepest waters
The time has come
So you should stay don’t run away

Bone to bone, Blood to Blood
Ashes to ashes
I’ve resurrected people worse than you

You must heal my wounds

Silence seeping in the undertow
I’m not your lord, I’m not your son

Infatuated with the corpse
My garments lays in shreds
Infatuated with the corpse
They drift away without a reason

Well I’ve been damned inside this maze again
It’s time that we compare our sins
Future’s going away, coming closer

What is better – to be born good, or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

Paarthurnax (The Elder Scrolls).