“Lead the Difference” is the first single and also the opening track of THE MOOR’s Album “Jupiter’s Immigrants”, the final video can be seen here.



“The name of the song was chosen while assisting a corporate event in Venice. There was a big banner with “Lead the Difference” in caps lock and one of those corporate image, it was a financial event I think, I was listening to the instrumental track we created on my phone… I ended up writing the lyrics in a coffee bar near there, it was a great day, I was still smoking at the time, I think that 5 or 6 cigarettes went burnt and three coffees gobbled during the writing process of the lyrics.”
Enrico Longhin

Writing a plot

The script and the main ideas came from an evening spent at a local pub near our homes, the sketches were made on an iPad then saved as main plot guide on a pdf file. 
We planned almost every frame block prior to the shooting to help us define what to do  once in the different locations (Passo Giau, Pian del Cansiglio), and we wrote the average time in seconds we needed as “good take” for each part.

The reality? We ended up having not that much good takes and changed the plot with adding some extra footage while in the editing process.

Here’s a sketch from that night at the Pub (Open Gate Pub – Fiesso d’Artico):

Technical aspects concerning the video shooting

All the technical aspects about the video have been explored and answered by our guitarist Andrea Livieri (Director of the video and camera-grabber for everything you see in the video).

Here is the link to his article about the video:


The article is in Italian but it’s pretty good translated in other languages.



Backstage from the studio and the video sessions (Part.1)

Enjoy these backstage videos, as always we didn’t shy away from being idiots:


Backstage from the studio and the video sessions (Part.2)