In the last article we spoke about the song Odin Vs Jesus , this time we want to go deeply on something more emotional to us, who speaks about our past as musicians.

Let us present you Thousand Miles Away


In 1996, tape trading was prominent, and sharing cassettes through the conventional postal system was the only way to stay in touch with other metal kids from all across the world. 

If you don’t remember those days well, we feel a bit of envy because of your age, but at the same time, we all remember those days as the most influential part of our musical life.

Why this preamble? 

Let us introduce you to the band Glory, (Metal Archives page) who released their first demo tape in 1996 called Never Again, the 2nd Starborn Ablaze in 1998, which is uploaded here by the Italian black metal museum channel Youtube link, for your listening pleasure.

This band evolved to another one called This Illusion, (Full Demo ‘Of Promises Decayed’ on Youtube here), and in 2002 they received the honor to be the best band of the month on a prominent website at the time called This award was shared with an unknown band at the time, called TRIVIUM.

In 2003, for a coincidence of name with Disillusion (at the time they were label mates), This Illusion changed their name again, into Bleed in Vain

From a few… to a thousand of miles

BLEED IN VAIN released a couple of studio albums during the early 2000s, then stopped in 2008. 

The Moor was formed in 2010 by Bleed in Vain’s Enrico Longhin and Davide Carraro (who left in 2017, with the entry of Andrea Livieri), then reunited with Massimo Cocchetto as well.

All these years, the memories of loading instruments into the car on cold winter nights when we were young, full of anger to be vented by playing our favorite music, it’s all inside Thousand Miles Away.

The title came after remembering and listening to an old Bleed In Vain song, called Few Miles Away

After realizing how many years have passed by, adding some miles for reaching a “thousand“.. came accordingly.

Thousand Miles Away

Everything we left behind,
accumulated, forgotten by others
Then framed by us just next to our memory pictures
They’ve done on purpose,
carved our name in stone

We were stuck, between fields,
just next to the highway
Just next to the places that will rush to the ground /rush to the sound

But if you think we are lost you better brace yourself
Poison flows in our veins
Thousand miles away

We were blind,
roaming among the edges of life
Just roam and roam,
wherever we go we always find that road
So close,
traced by our own steps
Foundation for our spirit,
resonant cavities for our sounds

Roam and roam
we carved our name in stone